HTML5 and CSS3 in Hindi Urdu course

HTML5 and CSS3 in Hindi Urdu course

Learn to design and develop website and web elements from scratch with HTML5 and CSS3 for beginners in Hindi and Urdu course. We develop different web-pages using HTML and CSS. Level: All levels. Course duration is 5.5 hours.

Introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 for beginners course (Lesson 1 YouTube video : 8 minutes)

Making your first web page using basic HTML tags (Lesson 2 : 16 minutes)

Web page using paragraph, link, bold and underline tags (Lesson 3: 18 minutes)

Making Tables using table, tr, th, td, caption tags with rowspan columspan attributes (Lesson 4: 12 minutes)

Inserting images and making links in web pages (Lesson 5: 16 minutes)

Image tag, pictures and maps in HTML5 and CSS3 (Lesson 6: 13 minutes)

Styling Text in HTML and CSS (Lesson 7: 13 minutes)

CSS inline styles internal styling and external style sheets HTML5 and CSS3 (Lesson 9: 15 minutes)

Color HEX RGB HSL Opacity in Cascading Style Sheets CSS3 (Lesson 10: 28 minutes)

Advanced Text styling using HTML5 and CSS3 in Hindi Urdu (Lesson 11: 35 minutes)

Fonts attributes in Cascading Style Sheets CSS3 (Lesson 12: 26 minutes)

The box model : Content Padding Border Margin (Lesson 13: 18 minutes)

Elements positioning using HTML and CSS (Lesson 14: 16 minutes)

Audio and Video tags in Cascading Style Sheets (Lesson 15: 10 minutes)

New Tags in HTML and CSS web designing and development (Lesson 16: 8 minutes)

Header nav section article aside footer tags HTML5 CSS3 (Lesson 17: 11 minutes)

Section Atricle hgroup tags in HTML and CSS (Lesson 18: 13 minutes)

Centering HTML web page using external style sheets (Lesson 19: 11 minutes)

Header, Navigation nav, Section, article, hgroup, aside and footer tags with CSS (Lesson 20: 10 minutes)

CSS properties : Float, display, vertical-align, list-style-type for web development (Lesson 21: 11 minutes)

Stylizing the Navigation Bar using CSS properties (Lesson 22: 7 minutes)

Stylizing the left side bar and articles in the section using CSS properties (Lesson 23: 9 minutes)

Stylizing the articles’ header and footer using Cascading Style Sheet (Lesson 24: 7 minutes)

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