Learn Punjabi Language : Speaking and grammar course

Learn Punjabi language with this unique “Punjabi Language : Punjabi speaking, vocabulary and grammar course” on Udemy.

Improve your Punjabi language vocabulary and learn to speak Punjabi in different situations. This course aims to assist people who have little or no knowledge of Punjabi. You can also take the quizzes and complete the assignments to test the knowledge gained in the course.

This course covers:

1. Punjabi Alphabet in Gurmukhi script (Indian Punjabi) and Shahmukhi script (Pakistani Punjabi)

2. Numbers and counting in Punjabi

3. Punjabi vocabulary and words

4. Punjabi verbs

5. Urdu speaking in different situations

6. Basic Punjabi Grammar

7. Tenses in Punjabi

You can also watch the following free Punjabi language course by Ifactner:

  1. Punjabi speaking in English : 1000 Punjabi sentences

The course is for beginners, tourists and second generation Punjabis who want to speak basic Punjabi words and phrases.

Our Punjabi spoken course starts with the basics of alphabet and end with the speaking practice lessons. Some of the lessons shows examples in both Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi script. However, the vocabulary and speaking lessons only cover the Gurmukhi script which is more come in India.

Learn Punjabi speaking grammar vocabulary
Let’s learn to speak Punjabi

Take the quizzes to test your knowledge and you can always refer to the lessons when you feel liking it. As a result, you will be able to develop the conversation skills which you can apply in your daily life situations. You will be able to speak and communicate in Punjabi with your Punjabi speaking relatives, friends, colleagues and other people, for instance.