Learn Dutch from Hindi Urdu course

Learn Dutch from Hindi Urdu course aims to teach common Dutch grammar and Dutch phrases spoken in daily activities. You learn spoken Dutch through Hindi and Urdu. I focus on pronunciation and aim to increase your Dutch vocabulary. This Dutch learning videos are free for everyone. Course duration: 1.5 hours. Level : For beginners.

Dutch alphabet & letters’ pronunciation (Lesson 1 : YouTube video 13 minutes)

Numbers & counting in Dutch (Lesson 2: Video 9 minutes)

Pronouns in Dutch (Lesson 3: Video 6 minutes)

Be and have in learn Dutch (Lesson 4: Video 11 minutes)

Introductions and Greetings in Dutch language (Lesson 5: Video 12 minutes)

Common Dutch phrases and words for daily conversation (Lesson 6: Video 27 minutes)

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