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Robot vacuum cleaner ilife v5 review Hindi, Urdu, English learning India Pakistan

ILife v5 Robot vacuum cleaner review

We learn what is a robot vacuum cleaner in Hindi, Urdu, review a vacuum cleaner ilife v5 while learning common English words and sentences. Ifactner speaks one sentence in Hindi, Urdu and then translates it in English while telling you about how do robot vacuum cleaners work with the help of Ilife v5 vacuum cleaner review. Learn about robot vacuum cleaner India and Pakistan in Hindi, Urdu, English.

This tutorial is part of Ifactner’s vlogs of learning English, Hindi, Urdu speaking in a fun and easy way. The plus point is that this video tutorial tells you about robot vacuum cleaners, dry mopping, wet mopping, wireless floor cleaning and a review of the best budget vacuum cleaner ilife v5.

Learn English, Hindi, Urdu speaking with Ifactner | English Hindi speaking lesson

ILife v5 Robot vacuum cleaner review

ILife v5 Robot vacuum cleaner review

These are introductory lessons of learning Hindi through English. Learn Hindi through English online for free is a collection of lessons in which we learn and practice to speak in Hindi language through English. For pdfs of hindi lessons online and free pdf, please visit The website has blogs, written and video tutorials in English, Hindi, Urdu learning.

Please note that this is a not a paid review. I bought this vacuum cleaner for myself and found ilife v5 a good vacuum cleaner. The upgraded versions of this ilife v5 vacuum cleaner are ilife v5s, ilife v5 pro and ilife v7.

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