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Muslim girls names with meanings starting with f and g | Modern Islamic baby names

Muslim girls names with meanings starting with F and G

This Muslim girls names with meanings covers modern Islamic baby girls names starting with F and G. Find meaning of Muslim Islamic girls names with meanings. People want to give a unique, meaningful and beautiful names to their babies. You hear the name and it’s most common meaning. Please note that pronunciation and spellings of names can be different. Moreover, a word can have different meanings in different languages.


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Islamic names for girls with meanings covered in this tutorial are as follows:

Fadila / Fazilah means Generous and distinguished
Fadilah means Outstanding, learned, noble
Fadwa means Sacrifing, name derived from self-sacrifice
Fadyaa means Sacrificing
Faheemah means Intelligent, learned
Fahmeedah means Intelligent, wise
Faidah means Benefit, advantage
Faiqah means Unique, abundance, benevolent, mighty
Faiyaz means Artistic
Faiza means Victorious, winner, successful
Faizia means Successful
Fajr means Early morning prayer, dawn
Fajyaz means One who desires
Fakeeha means Cheerful, happy, humorous
Fakhirah means Splendid, elegant
Fakhri means Honourary
Fakhriyya means Honourary
Fakhrun nisa means Pride of women
Faakhtah means A dove
Fakihah means Fruit
Falaasha means Desire for result of the action
Falak means Star
Falaq means Break of dawn
Falgu means Beautiful
Falihah means Successful
Fani means Serpent
Faoz means Success, victory, advantage, gain
Faqirah means Name of a beautiful woman
Farah means Joy, gladness, cheerfulness
Farahnaz means Joy
Fardoos means Paradise
Fareeda means Unique, precious pearl or gem, unique
Fareeha means Happy, joyful, cheerful, glad, happy, joyful
Farha means Happiness
Farhaanah means Glad , joyful
Farhina means Happiness
Faria means A caravan
Fariba means Beautiful
Farida means Unique , singular , precious
Farihah means Happy, pleased, brisk
Faristay means Angel
Farkhandah means Fortunate, happy, lucky
Farqad means Name of a star
Farrah means Muslim burden bearer, lively
Farrukh means Happy, fortunate, auspicious, beautiful
Farwah means Fur, covering, wealth
Farzana means Wise, learned
Faseehah means Eloquent
Faseelah means Some distance
Fathiyya means Conqueror
Fatihah means Opening
Fatin means Charming, captivating, entrancing
Fatinah means Intelligent, captivating
Fawzia means Successful
Fawz means Success, salvation
Fawzi means Triumph
Fawziya means Successful, victorious
Fay-yaadhah / Fay-yaazah means A lady who confers great favours, most generous and bountiful
Fayruz means The gemstone, turquoise
Fayza means Successful
Fazeela means Sweet and caring, faithful
Fazeelah means Superiority, attribute, value
Fazia means Successful, victorious
Fazila means Superiority, value, virtious, honest, excellent
Feeroozah means A precious stone, turquoise
Fellah means Jasmine
Fiddah means Silver
Fikriyya means Intellectual
Fikriyyah means Having many ideas
Firdaus / Firdos means Paradise, Highest garden in paradise, a garden, a bed of roses
Firoza means A precious stone, a bright greenish-blue colour, Turquoise
Firyal means Name
Fizza means Nature
Fizzah means Silver, pure
Foolan means Flowering
Foram means Fragrance
Foziah means Successful
Fudayl means Learned, scholar
Fulki means Spark
Fusaylah means Some distance
Gamal means Beauty
Gamila means Beautiful
Gathbiyya means Charming
Gazala means A deer
Ghaada means Young lady, beautiful
Ghaaliya means Fragrant
Ghaaziyah means Woman warrior
Ghada means Graceful woman, beautiful
Ghadir means Stream
Ghalibah means Pre-dominant
Ghaliyah means Fragrant, beloved, valuable
Ghaneemah means Spoils, booty, loot
Ghaniyah means Pretty girl, beautiful woman
Gharra means Noble lady
Ghaydaa means Young and delicate
Ghazala means Female gazelle, rising sun, deer
Ghaziyah means Fighter, female warrior
Ghina means Richness
Ghufran means Forgiveness
Ghunwah means Song

Muslim girls names with meanings starting with F and G

Muslim girls names with meanings starting with F and G

Muslim girls name with meaning – Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings and pronunciation of names in this tutorial. Names can be spelled and pronounced differently in different parts of the world. I would advise you to consult a local scholar for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby. This tutorial is only for knowledge sharing purposes. Thank you for joining in.

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