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Muslim girls names with meanings starting with B, C, D, E, F | Islamic names for girls modern

Muslim girls names with meanings starting with B, C, D, E, F

Muslim girls name with meaning starting with B, C, D, E and F. Learn meaning of Islamic names for girls modern. Find meaning of 100 Muslim Islamic girls names with meanings. People want to give a unique, meaningful and beautiful names to their babies. You hear the name and it’s most common meaning.

Please note that pronunciation and spellings of names can be different. Moreover, a word can have different meanings in different languages.

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Islamic names for girls with meanings covered in this tutorial are as follows:
Bahiya means Nice, beautiful, radiant
Bahja means Happiness
Bahraa means Beautiful, shining
Bakht means Luck, good fortune, prosperity
Baleegha means Eloquent
Balqis means Name of the queen of Sheba
Banaan means Delicate, finger tips
Baraaa means Excelling
Barakah means A kind of continuity of spiritual presence and revelation that begins with God and flows through that and those closest to God, White one
Barakat means Blessing
Bareera means Pious, kind
Bareerah means Virtuous
Bariah means Excelling
Barid means Cloud
Barika means Bloom, be successful
Barjaa means Of beautiful eyes
Barkha means Blessings, rain
Barrah means Excelling
Basemah means Smiling
Bashair means Good tidings
Bashasha means Cheerfulness
Basheera means Bringer of good tidings, joy, bringer of good tidings
Basilah means Brave, fearless
Basimah means The smiling one
Basmah means A smile
Batinah means Hidden, inner
Batool means Ascetic virgin, a virgin, a true devotee woman of Allah
Beena means Seeing, clear sighted
Begum means Queen, lady of rank
Benazir means Incomparable
Bhasa means Language
Bibi means A lady
Bilquees means A queen of Saba
Bina means A person who can see
Bismah means Smile
Badar means Full moon
Buhayyah means The name of a freed female slave
Bulbul means Nightingale
Bushra means Goodness, good news
Buthaynah means Of beautiful and tender body
Cala means Castle
Cantara means Small bridge
Carna means Horn
Cemal means Beauty
Daajiyah means Living well off
Daanah means Big pearl
Daanyah means Close
Dabee means Harnest tied in bandles
Dahab means Gold
Dakshaa means The earth
Dalal means Dearest one
Danah means Big pearl
Daniyah means Dear, close
Darakhshaan means Shining
Dariyah means Knowledgeable
Darrah means Pearl, brilliant
Darya means Sea
Daulah means Wealth, government
Dawlat khatoon means She was from a ruling family
Dayfah means Guest
Deeba means Cloth of silk, obedience
Deenah means Obedience, nature, habit
Delisha means Happy & make others happy
Dhaakirah / Zaakirah means One who constantly remembers and glorifies Allah
Dhakiyah means A lady with keen perception and a sharp mind, an intelligent lady
Dhuha means Forenoon
Dilbar means Holder of the heart
Dilkash means Charming, sweetheart
Dilruba means Heart-ravishing, a beloved object
Dilshad means A happy heart, happy, glad
Dima means Downpour
Diya means Brightness, radiance
Dua means Prayer
Duha means Early morning
Dujanah means A great rain
Dunya means Life
Durdaanah means A pearl
Durrah means A large or precious pearl, brilliant
Durriya means Pearl
Durriyah means Brilliant
Durriyyah means Glittering stars
Emina means Most honest, sincere
Ereshva means Righteous
Ermina means Friendly
Esha means Time of evening prayers, desire
Eshan means Search
Eshita means One who desires
Faadheelah means Superiority, attribute, value
Faadhilah means An accomplished lady , surplus , knowledge and virtue
Faaizah means Successful, prosperous, victorious
Faakhirah means Excellent , precious , honourable
Faakihah means Fruits
Faariah means Tall, handsome, slender
Faatihah means Beginning, introduction, preface, opener
Faatimah means A great blessing, name of Hazrat Faatimah : daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)
Faatin means Captivating
Faatina means Captivating
Faazilah means Accomplished, virtuous, a female scholar
Fadheela means Virtuous, outstanding, superior, virtue
Fadia means Savior

Muslim girls names with meanings starting with B, C, D, E, F

Muslim girls names with meanings starting with B, C, D, E, F


Muslim girls name with meaning – Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings and pronunciation of names in this tutorial. Names can be spelled and pronounced differently in different parts of the world. I would advise you to consult a local scholar for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby. This tutorial is only for knowledge sharing purposes. Thank you for joining in Muslim girls names with meanings starting with B, C, D, F | Islamic names for girls modern.

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