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Muslim girls names with meaning | Islamic women name starting with H

Muslim girls names with meaning starting with H

Learn Muslim girls names with meaning starting with H in this Islamic women name for babies. Find meaning of Muslim Islamic girls names with meanings. People want to give a unique, meaningful and beautiful names to their babies. You hear the name and it’s most common meaning. Please note that pronunciation and spellings of names can be different. Moreover, a word can have different meanings in different languages.

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Islamic names for girls with meanings covered in this tutorial are as follows:

Haadiyah means A director, a leader, a guide
Haafizah means Having a good memory, A female who knows the whole Quran by heart
Haajarah means Name of the mother of Prophet Ismaeel
Haala means Wine, aureole
Haalimah means Dreaming
Haamidah means One who praises
Haaniah means Pleasant
Haarisah means Guard, protector
Haaritha means Farmer
Habibah / Habeeba / Habiba means Beloved, sweetheart, darling
Haboos means Name of a kind noble lady
Hadbaa means With long eye lashes
Hadeeqah means Garden
Hadhiqah means Intelligent
Hadil means Cooing like a dove
Hadiyah means Guide to righteousness, a gift
Hafeezhah means Guardian , protector
Hafiza means Protected, beloved
Hafizah means Successful
Hafsah means Wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), daughter of a lion
Hafthah means Preserved, protected
Haifa means Of beautiful body, slender
Hajasta means Stars
Hajrah means The wife of Prophet Ibrahim
Hajun means Prophet Ibraheem’s 4th and final wife
Hakeemah means A sage, philosopher, a physician, a doctor
Hakimah means Wise, judicious
Hala means Halo around the moon
Halah means Aureole
Haleema / Halimah means Gentle, patient, mild tempered, forgiving
Hameedah means Thankful, appreciative, praiseworthy
Hamimah means Close friend
Hamra means Red
Hanaa means Happy life, happiness
Hanan means Compassion, mercy
Haneefah means Upright, true believer
Hanfaa means The wife of Hazrat Ismail
Haniah means Pleasant, agreeable
Hanifah means True believer, upright
Hanima means A wave
Hanin means Longing, yearning
Haniyyah means Pleased, happy
Hannah means Sound of delight, affection
Hanyah means Happy
Harir means Silk
Harithah means Farmer
Haseena means Pretty girl, beautiful woman
Hashmat means Glory,majesty
Hasibah means Noble
Hasifah means Wise
Haseenah means Pretty, beautiful
Hasnah means Beautiful & nice
Hassaanah means A beautiful lady, a girl with an attractive face
Hawra means Of beautiful eyes
Hawwa means Eve, the wife of Prophet Adam, first woman
Hayaa means Shyness
Hayaam means Deliriously in love
Hayah means Life
Hayaat means Life
Hayfa means Slender, of beautiful body
Hazimah means Firm
Heena means Mehndi
Helima means Kind, gentle
Hessa means Destiny
Hibah means Gift
Hibbah means Beloved
Hibo means Lucky
Hijab means Daughter of a scholar from Baghdad
Hikmah means Wisdom
Hikmat means Wisdom
Hira means A place where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) worshiped Allah
Hooda means Right guidance
Hoor means Fairy of paradise, a virgin of paradise
Hooriya means Angel
Hudda means Right guidance
Hulwah means Sweet, beautiful
Huma means Name of an imaginary bird, bird who brings joy, bird of paradise
Humariaa means Red colored girl
Humayrah means Red
Huriya means Nymph
Husan means Beauty
Husna means Most pious, most beautiful
Husni means Excellence, beauty
Husniyah means Beautiful
Hutaf means Cheering
Huwaydah means Gentle

Muslim girls names with meaning starting with H

Muslim girls names with meaning starting with H

Muslim girls name with meaning – Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the meanings and pronunciation of names in this tutorial. Names can be spelled and pronounced differently in different parts of the world. I would advise you to consult a local scholar for verification before deciding to keep a name for your baby. This tutorial is only for knowledge sharing purposes. Thank you for joining in.

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