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Learn Hindi through English | English to Hindi speaking course

English to Hindi translation of words and phrases

I teach English to Hindi speaking in this learn Hindi through English course for beginners. Learn Hindi step by step with translation and vocabulary for beginners. This 3 hours spoken Hindi course covers how to learn Hindi, alphabets, words and Hindi sentences for daily conversation and speaking.

Learn English through Hindi course also covers how to learn Hindi speaking easily. You’ll also follow lessons for English to Hindi speaking practice, tenses in Hindi grammar with examples. Learners will find free Hindi vocabulary Videos, Hindi grammar with spoken Hindi exercises.
It’s upto you how you follow this English to Hindi speaking course. You can follow it in different ways. You can either follow the whole lesson in one go which may be a little difficult as it is a 3 hour course. Secondly, you can use this video tutorial to learn Hindi through English while you sleep. Thirdly, you can watch the video for 30 minutes each day. You will be able to finish this spoken Hindi practice video in 6 days.

You can follow the other lessons at

English to Hindi translation of words and phrases

English to Hindi translation of words and phrases

For pdfs of hindi lessons online and free pdf, please visit The website has blogs, written and video tutorials in English, Hindi, Urdu learning.

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Learners learn Hindi via Hindi reading, Hindi listening and Hindi speaking in English which enable them to do Hindi conversation and practice Hindi speaking at their own time and pace. Remember to do the Hindi speaking practice with your friends, family members, colleagues, class fellows after learning from this lesson. Practice makes the man perfect therefore you will need to do a lot of practice in order to become fluent and confident speaker. is an Ifactner’s languages learning channel which aims to help you in learning different languages including English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Dutch, French and German. This channel also contains courses on web development and computer networking.

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