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Learn Hindi through English Lesson 3

Learn Hindi language for beginners

Learn to speak in Hindi and learn Hindi accent with correct pronunciation, meaning of Hindi, Urdu words with lesson 3 of Learn 4000 Hindi phrases through English course. Learning to speak Indian language Hindi or Pakistani language Urdu is just like learning any other language.

You need to put effort in order to start speaking in Hindi and Urdu. Just like all the other languages of the world, learning Hindi needs practice and dedication. I would like to advise you that you follow all the instructions in this lesson. You should repeat the Hindi phrases when I ask you to do so.

Don’t forget to do the Hindi speaking practice exercise at the end of this lesson. You can find the similar practice exercises and tests at the end of each lesson of this course.


Learn Hindi through English lesson 3

Learn Hindi lesson 3

Instructions to follow learn Hindi lesson 3

This video tutorial lesson and the course is designed for the absolute beginners who want to learn to speak and be able to communicate in Hindi and Urdu languages. As spoken Hindi and spoken Urdu have many  similarities therefore you will be learning to speaking both Urdu and Hindi languages.

Learn to speak in Hindi and practice Hindi conversation through English language for people from all around the world. Hindi for beginners full course lesson aims to teach basic forty Hindi sentences and phrases to people who understand English and are aiming to learn to speak in Hindi fluently and confidently. You can read and learn with English subtitles side by side with Hindi in Roman English.

You should be willing to spend some time and do the speaking practice in able to get the most from this course. Please like and share the Youtube video tutorial in this lesson. Subscribe to my Youtube channel Learn Hindi, English, Urdu speaking.

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