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Learn Hindi and Urdu through English Fast lesson 5

Learn Hindi and Urdu through English lesson 5

In lesson 5 of Learn Hindi through English you improve Hindi vocabulary and pronunciation- of common Hindi language words and sentences. Hindi is spoken in India but is also understood in Pakistan and Bangladesh as spoken Hindi is closer to spoken Urdu. Being able to understand and communicate locals in Hindi will improve your chances of acceptance and trust.

You learn following Hindi language sentences and words:
Let’s eat. Chalo, kuch kahaain.
Where is the train station? Train station kahan per hai?
Where is the bus stop? Bus stop kahan per hai?
I need to buy a ticket. Mujhay ticket kharidni hai.
You can buy them from that shop. Aap uss dukaan say khareed saktay hain. (sakti)
I want something. Mujhay kuch chahiay.
How much? Kitna hoa?
How much do I owe you? aap ka mujh pay kitna udhaar hai?
What are your salary expectations? Aap ko kitni tankhwa ki tawako hai?
I think 30 thousand would be enough. Meray khiyaal mein 30 hazar kafi hoon gay.
What do you want? Aap ko kia chahiay?
I need money. Mujhay paysay chahiay.
Are you a student? Kia aap student hain?
I am a student. Mein talibay alim hoon.
I have money. Meray pass paisay hain.
I don’t have money. Meray pass paisay naihn hain.
What time it is? Abhi kia time (waqt) hoa hai?
It’s half past five. Abhi sarhay paanch bajay hain.
You know more. Aap ko ziyadah pata hai.
Do you know? Kia aap ko pata hai?

Learn Urdu and Hindi from English lesson number 5

Learn Urdu and Hindi from English lesson number 5

Learn to communicate and speak in Hindi and Urdu through English by learning common words and sentences. I appreciate your time and effort, you put in learning, speaking, reading and writing Indian language Hindi and Pakistani language Urdu with

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