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Learn English from Urdu with English Urdu transliteration – Lesson 7

English Urdu transliteration and speaking lesson 7

Learn English Urdu transliteration with meaning and how to speak English words, phrases and sentences with correct translation and pronunciation. Lesson 7 is a part of English Urdu speaking course in which we are learning to speak English via Urdu.

You can access the full playlist of 4000 English phrases with translation and meaning in Urdu course at
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Learn English from Urdu with English Urdu transliteration

Learn English from Urdu with English Urdu transliteration


Some of the English sentences that we learn in this lesson are as follows:

  • Human beings have been fighting from the beginnings of time.
  • He has a bad behavior.
  • Behind enemy lines is my favorite movie.
  • I’m being polite.
  • What’s your belief?
  • I believe on you.
  • The bell is ringing.
  • I belong to a respectable family.
  • The temperature is below freezing point.
  • Please fasten your seat belt.

How to do English Urdu transliteration with the help lesson

You can see the Roman Urdu To Urdu Script Transliteration اردو نقل حرفی in this video tutorial. You can use this lesson for learning Urdu Roman to Urdu Script, as a Urdu Roman to Urdu Text Converter to Convert Urdu roman sentences into Urdu Online. This lesson also provides English to Urdu Dictionary and Urdu to English dictionary.

If you follow the lesson then you will notice that the Urdu sentences are written in Roman Urdu and the Urdu script therefore, you can use this lesson for English Urdu transliteration. First read the Roman Urdu sentence and then read the Urdu sentence. It will help you in transliteration of Roman Urdu to Urdu.

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