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Learn English in Urdu with daily use fifty English sentences

Learn English in Urdu speaking lesson

Learn English in Urdu with our list of 50 most common expressions and words lesson. This is a crash course in English. Try to memorize all the words and sentences and you will find yourself having a great conversation with natives easily.

Learn English phrases with Ifactner!

Combine your knowledge of English vocabulary and English grammar: practise phrases in English through Urdu!

In the video series ‘English for beginners’, Ifactner shows you video in simple English. The video has subtitles in 2 languages: in English and in Roman Urdu, Hindi. That way you can practise what you’ve learned already on combining the most common words with the basic English grammar.

For free weekly English lessons (sent by e-mail), if you you sign up here:

Learn English sentences in Urdu with Ifactner!

With Eglish lessons in the series ‘English for beginners’, we combine the basic knowledge of English with the knowledge of basic grammar. In the Grammar video you will see a simple story in English, with subtitles in English, Urdu and Hindi.

Learn English in Urdu - Common phrases and sentences

Learn English in Urdu – Common phrases and sentences


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Click here for the full playlist of English Urdu speaking course on Youtube.

Instructions to learn English in Urdu

Thank you for joining me for this English Urdu speaking course. You can follow my other course in order to learn and speak English fluently and confidently. If you feel that the speed of this course is fast then you should watch it twice. You should be able to understand the meaning of the words and sentences covered in this Learn English in Urdu lesson. Try to speak in English after the instructor. Do follow my other lessons in order to learn the basic English and in order to speak English with the strangers in formal and informal environment.

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