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Learn Dutch language course

Learn Dutch for beginners

Learn Dutch language free course for beginners is aimed at foreigners who want to speak and conversation in Dutch. You can learn Dutch simple words and basic sentences with this lesson. You may opt to watch this video in sessions.

Visit to learn dutch, greet in dutch e.g. learn how to say hi in dutch or hello in dutch.
You will also be able to learn about Holland’s culture along with learning dutch for free. You will be able to learn the different meanings of Dutch words and most common Dutch phrases in English. Dutch language is similar to Flemish language and Afrikaans. There are some common words and similarities in Dutch, German and Danish languages. You can use these lessons for Dutch to English dictionary while you can find the meanings of most common dutch words. Lesson 7 focuses on Dutch insults. Dutch accent is little difficult to follow but with consistent practice and exercise, you will be able to speak and under the dutch accent.

You should speak Dutch on a daily basis. Practice simple Dutch words and phrases with your siblings, colleagues and general Public. You will find that almost all of the Dutch people can speak English. When you try to speak Dutch with them then they will try to speak in English out of politeness.It’s because they realize that you are having difficulties but you should insist on continuing the conversation in Dutch. Dutch people will be happy and they will try to help you in speaking Dutch. Sometimes, some people lose patience but at least you will have experience and therefore learn Dutch in the real life situations.

Learn Dutch for beginners

Learn Dutch for beginners

Learn Dutch and subscribe

Please watch Basic Dutch Grammar & conversation | Learn Pronouns (Voornaamwoord) & Present tense (tegenwoordige) lesson.

Please visit and subscribe to my Youtube channel namely Learn English, Hindi, Urdu, Dutch speaking.
We hope that you will be benefited through this free Dutch language learning tutorial lessons course and learn Holland language.

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