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Learn Dutch language for beginners Easy free online course

Learn Dutch for beginners while you sleep

Learn Dutch for beginners with my Nederlands lesson. The lesson teaches you most common Dutch words meaning. You can use these words in your daily conversation and speaking. Learn Dutch course focuses on improving your Nederlandse vocabulary and pronunciation of basic words and phrases.

One should learn the meaning of most common words and expressions of a language in order to start speaking in that language. Therefore, this course helps you in understanding and pronouncing.
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Learn Dutch language while you sleep or while sitting and relaxing. As I tell you the meaning of 600 English words in Dutch language. You also learn how to pronounce them as each word and phrase is repeated three times.

Instructions to follow this course: You can watch the video and listen to the meaning and pronunciation carefully. You can also write down the vocabulary words and meaning on a note book or a diary. If you feel that you are finding this lesson difficult during the first time then you can watch it again. Try to read from the diary while you are listening for the second time.

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Dutch language for beginners

Dutch language for beginners

De les leert u de meest voorkomende Nederlandse woorden betekenis. Je kunt deze woorden gebruiken in je dagelijkse gesprek en spreken. Men zou de betekenis van de meest gebruikelijke woorden en uitdrukkingen van een taal moeten leren om in die taal te kunnen spreken. Daarom helpt deze cursus je bij het begrijpen en uitspreken. is a languages learning channel which teaches English, Dutch, German, French, Hindi and Urdu languages. It also uploads motivational and inspirational videos to help you achieve your goals.

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