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Learn Dutch fast Youtube video lesson

Dutch words and phrases in learn Dutch fast lesson

Learn Dutch phrases in Learn Dutch fast for beginners lesson of Online Dutch course for beginners. If you want to learn Dutch then you’re in the right place! Let’s start by taking a look at the Dutch greetings and introduction. This is lesson of an entire series which covers everything you need to know to learn the language and immerse yourself into Dutch’s culture.


Learning Dutch should be your motto from now on for at least a few hours each week! Make it a habit of yours to watch my lessons and learn in a fun, fast and effective way!

Learn Dutch, get to know Holland and Netherlands culture and have fun doing so! My videos are directed at native English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi speakers that want to learn about the country, its language and culture online for free! Put your dictionary and grammar books away and start studying with me instead!
My channel covers everything from beginners to expert lessons and even though I’m a professional teacher you’ll find that Learn Dutch takes on a fresh approach and that looking at things from a different perspective can be key to making progress fast!
I’m not a native speaker and started this channel to improve my English language skills but by now our community has grown into something that will help you reach your goals in no time and entertain you while doing so!

Learn basic Dutch words and phrases in Dutch course for travelers. You can learn dutch in minutes. Dutch is the language of Amsterdam, Holland and the Netherlands. If you are visiting Amsterdam, Holland, Rotterdam, Leiden, or keukenhof for tulips or you are going as student, worker or a family member then you need to know the common Dutch words and phrases.

Learn Dutch fast Youtube video

Learn Dutch fast Youtube video

Learn dutch alphabet and Dutch grammar with Ifactner tutorials on Youtube on our channel.

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We at ifactner aim to teach Dutch language to Amsterdam tourist, travelers, students, visa seekers, residence with our free online Dutch language learning courses and lessons for beginners.

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