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English Speaking With Kids – How To Talk To kids In English – Daily English speaking 650 phrases

English speaking with kids lesson with 650 phrases through Hindi, Urdu

Learn English speaking for kids. Do English conversation with your kids. Do you want to know how to talk to kids in English then this daily English speaking lesson for kids will help you. You can find many words, phrases and sentences in basic English for kids. You can learn English through Hindi for kids in this video.



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This lesson will assist you in speaking English fluently and easily. You can learn 650 English sentences through Hindi and Urdu to do English conversation with kids. Practice these sentences in order to daily speaking English with kids. My channel covers English conversation lessons, basic English speaking lessons and grammar lessons.

Part 1 of How to talk to kids in English
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English speaking with kids

English speaking with kids

Learn English, Hindi, Urdu, Dutch speaking  is an online education video channel to help you learn different languages including English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Dutch, French and German. This channel also contains courses on web development and computer networking.You can also use this video lesson to learn English through Hindi. Thank you for joining me. Please like, share and subscribe to show your support.

You can find basic English lessons for beginners and intermediate learners. You can use these English lessons for daily English speaking and conversation. Thank you for participating in Daily English Speaking lesson of English Speaking with kids course to learn English Through Hindi.

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