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Hindi through English

Learn Hindi speaking through English is a collection of more than 10 hours of spoken Hindi video tutorials. In these Hindi lessons we learn to speak and do conversation in Hindi language. Hindi is spoken and understood by more than 1 billion people. Hindi is the language of Bollywood. Spoken Hindi is very close to spoken Urdu. So if you learn to speak Hindi then it means that you can also speak Urdu. Which means that you can then communicate with around 1.2 Billion people on this planet. Many Indians can speak and understand English but as they say that if you want to mingle with people and experience the real culture then you have to learn the language. Same is true for Hindi language.
You learn speaking Hindi through English. My aim is to teach Hindi speaking for beginners through English. I have many free online Hindi learning course and Urdu speaking video tutorial lessons from English on my channel. You learn English to Hindi words and English to Hindi phrases at your own time.
Learn to speak Hindi fluently and confidently with tips in English to improve Hindi conversation skills for non Indians. If you hesitate in speaking Hindi and you know English then this Hindi learning video tutorial playlist is for you. Learn how to improve Hindi speaking skills in English.
Many of us can understand and speak Hindi. However, when we are faced with the situation where we have to conversation in Hindi language then we fumble and lose our confidence. We can’t speak Hindi properly when we are required to do so. In this video tutorial collection, I teach Hindi language beginners and intermediate level learners from India, Pakistan and all around the world. If you follow these Hindi tricks and tips then I am confident that you will be able to speak Hindi with fluency in no time.
Thank you for learning Hindi speaking in English with me. I hope that you will follow the tips and advice given in this tutorial and you will become a confident and fluent Hindi speaker. Learn Hindi at your own pace and time through English. Learn Hindi also needs a little effort and dedication to learn and speak Hindi language.

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